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Why getting an IP broker is a good idea

Back in 2019, the RIPE NCC made an announcement that they made their final allocation from the final amounts of IPv4 addresses that remained in the available pool. This news did not come out of nowhere, years prior to this the exhaustion of IPv4 was also made known to the public. However, not every person or company had the resources or ability to do anything about it. Not having enough IPv4 addresses can seriously set an organization way back, this is why a very big demand for these address spaces started. And where there is a demand, there is a supply.

A transfer market emerged and over the years became incredibly widespread. The market value for one single IPv4 address climbs higher and higher with each passing year. To be able to get your hands on these IP addresses you will need to broker a good deal, especially if it is needed in bulk. However, not everyone has the skills to do this, and even if they do, finding willing sellers or people willing to lease is not an easy task. This transfer market is anything but easy. This is why if you want to buy IPv4 addresses or sell them or lease them, it is highly advised you get an IP broker. 

An IP broker has a good network

When you find a good and seasoned IP broker, the chances are high that they will have a good network filled with many eager buyers and sellers of IPv4. Finding an organization or business willing to buy IPv4 addresses from a person or another organization or business without the presence of an IP broker can be virtually impossible. IP brokers have the trust and knowledge that not everyone has in this market.

Avoid the potential risks

IP brokers are experts in their field. They know all the risks and they know how to avoid them, and you will need this guidance. The Regional Internet Registry has many rules and regulations set in place for the transfer of IPv4 addresses so it’s all done safely. An IP broker will be fully informed of these rules and will no doubt also make sure you are aware of them too. They want you to avoid risks because they also want to avoid them.

Learn from a professional

It is likely that you might want to do business in the market of IPv4 again in the future. So, getting into contact with an IP broker will be like learning from a master class in how to navigate this field. This will prove very useful if you do intend to do more business.