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Paulo Dybala SBC Is Now Available On FUT

EA Sports has introduced the Paulo Dybala Moments card to FUT Ultimate Team, in a week that has been marked by the revelation of the players who are part of the FUT 21 TOTY, so many people have not paid attention to this new card of the argentinian player of Juventus FC.

The card will be available until January 31 via SBC and, as with Ribéry, the challenge was introduced an hour and a half later than expected, but we already have the card here to analyze it and tell you if it is really worth adding to your team.

Of course, before we start, we must clarify that this card is somewhat expensive and that if you want to acquire it you can always buy FIFA Coins at U7BUY online so as not to waste so much time gathering the necessary coins in FUT.

Is Paulo Dybala Moments worth it?

Let’s start by talking about the shortcomings of this card. First of all, his pace of 89 points means that his speed is unbalanced and that he does not reach the maximum values ‚Äč‚Äčeven if we use Hunter as chemistry.

As a result, Dybala can be a slow player in long runs against top-tier defenders, so you won’t be able to bet on extremely fast counterattacks if you include him in your Starting XI.

This small weakness of Dybala means that he is not a dangerous forward when he has spaces, since he only has 64 points of strength and he will not be able to use his physique to protect the ball against defenders of the stature of Virgil Van Dijk or Sergio Ramos, so they will easily topple him if they have the chance.

The technical quality of Dybala Moments is indisputable.

However, the most remarkable point about this card is his technical quality. Dybala has excellent dribbling points and four stars of skillful movement, which makes it very difficult to get the ball off his feet when he has time and different passing options.

And talking about passes, Dybala’s passing ability is also very good. He is one of the best assistants in the game and is capable of making filtered passes with impressive precision thanks to his 95 points of vision, ideal if you play with very fast wingers like Mbappé or Mané.

Surprisingly, his shooting ability is not that good.

Another of Dybala’s weaknesses is the shooting. This card only has 87 finishing points and 85 shooting power points, making it an above average shooter but not great.

Also, Dybala Moments only has three bad-leg stars, which makes his right-leg shots very weak and the player always has to be looking for his left-footed profile to shoot.

On the other hand, we must also say that he has 90 long shot points, being quite effective to surprise with shots from outside the box, even in the final minutes of the game because he also has a good resistance of 83 points.

In conclusion, the Dybala Moments card can be very good for players who prefer to play with a game of possession style rather than a gamestyle based on frenzied counterattacks, as Dybala is an excellent passer and dribbler capable of opening defense with his game vision but not a sprinter.

Ultimately, he is a bit pricey compared to similar FUT players, so you should take this into consideration before buying.

FUT 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.