NBA Live 18 – Are you familiar with the Ultimate Team inventory?

The inventory in Ultimate Team mode in NBA Live 18 is a feature that lets users access their player cards, coaches, contracts, and more.

NBA Live 18 has a mode called Ultimate Team that lets users collect various cards that represent basketball players. One of the features of this mode is the inventory. This is where all items associated with this mode are stored. The inventory has several categories. This way, all items are nicely arranged according to their type and use. The items that are stored in the inventory are players, coaches, and items like contracts, venues, and customization items.

The Items category shows all owned items. These items are acquired by opening packs,in the packs you have the chance to get nba live 18 coins, that can help you have more fun in games. Players who dedicate a fair amount of time to this mode will have lots of items. Should they wish to get rid of them, they can use the D button to select them all. The Player Items option has all basketball players that are owned by the user. Any of these players can be used in a team. To find out more about an item, players can use the N button. Coach is the category that contains all available coach items. One coach can be assigned to a team whose performance will depend on this selection. The Contracts category shows what contracts are owned. When players that are part of the active lineup start a new match, a contract is spent. Users can get more contracts by opening packs.

To give contracts to a player, users will select the desired player and choose the Apply Contracts option. The Venue category displays all venues. Players will be able to select the arena on which home games will be played. From the Logo and Jerseys categories, players can choose which logo will represent their teams and what jerseys their players will wear when playing at home or away. The logo and the jerseys don’t need to be matching. The selected team logo can be seen in the background of the menu. The Customize Team option gives players the tools needed to choose a name, logo, arena, jersey, and coach. It’s also possible to delete a team but players should think twice before doing so as they will lose associated coins and data.

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