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Improve your Google Data Studio marketing dashboard with multi-attribution models to deepen insights

Improve your marketing intelligence by using the right attribution models. Google Data Studio is a free, accessible dashboard that most marketers use. It’s easy to create dashboards and connect data sources in GDS. The only problem is it lacks the intelligence of a real attribution model. If you want a holistic understanding of how your marketing strategy is doing, attribution models are a must-have. 

With Odyssey’s advanced attribution features, you can upgrade your current marketing dashboard to make it more sophisticated. These dashboards are used by marketers on a daily basis for monitoring results, tracking spends and spotting potential channel calamities. Although this is a huge jump from when marketers had to rely on manual reporting and input from the team. In these circumstances, prolonged action was a certainty.

If you are using Google Data Studio, you can now enjoy the benefits of Odyssey’s marketing metrics. With Odyssey’s connector, you can see the incremental value of each campaign or ad on your overall conversions. For the first time you will have real Google Data Studio attribution. This will revolutionize your marketing. Now, you can see the effects of all your marketing activities, not only the last one that led to a conversion. To see the full power of marketing metrics, you can use an Odyssey Google Data Studio dashboard. You can overlay marketing metrics with multi-touch attribution data, such as the Incrementality index. This index calculates how much each campaign or ad contributed to your overall conversions. After you implement this index, you will see the effects of every marketing activity. From the dashboard, you can glean insights on multiple attribution models and view participated and attributed revenue.

Have you ever had doubts about whether or not your affiliate program is generating enough conversions? TradeTracker is a unique affiliate network in that we provide an attribution feature, specifically the ‘Real Attribution’ model. Last-click attribution is common among other networks, meaning that these networks only count sales when the conversion happens directly out of a click from an affiliate publisher. TradeTracker is always striving for success, but it’s important to know that conversions never come from just one source. So the only way to find out is to implement TradeTracker attribution.