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Best and most beautiful beaches in Mexico

Mexico is an amazing country having several options for exotic food, culture, and heritage. It has a wide coastline with some of the amazing 500 beaches in the world. The best thing is that it offers different types of beaches where you may find secluded spots, sandy shores, and perfect for swimming, and surfing.

Let’s have a look at the best beaches in Mexico.

Top 3 beaches in Mexico


Popular for its Mayan ruins from the thirteenth century, Tulum seashore is an ideal place objective for all sets of experiences. It is situated at the southern finish of Riviera Maya, simply a two-hour drive from Cancun.

This beautiful seashore highlights perfectly clear waters, palm trees, and immaculate white sand. There are a few limestone pools close by which are ideal for swimming and a few astounding seashore inns in the territory.

In the event that you are hoping to move away from all the hurrying around of packed seashores, Tulum should be your destination.

Akumal Beach

Akumal Beach is one of the most amazing and famous beaches in the Riviera Maya.

The name ‘Akumal’ translates to “Place of Turtles” and for good reason. It is one of the best spots for large sea turtles to come over there and lay their eggs. In case you are into snorkeling and scuba diving, Akumal Beach is home to amazing coral beds that feature various fish life.

You may find five different bays to dig in and several options for bars, hotels, and restaurants in this area. Travelers with children will be happy to hear that Akumal Beach is perfect for swimming and you can easily find a secluded spot, even on the weekends.

Playa Las Gatas

Located just 3 miles south of the Zihuatanejo, Playa Las Gatas is a white-sand beach that’s named after the whiskered nurse sharks that used to swim in these waters a long time ago.

You can come over to the beach either by boat or by a pathway. Playa Las Gatas here is loved by tourists for its amazing snorkeling services.

There are several options to cater to your hunger. The best coconut shrimp can be found at Otilia. There is also a lighthouse close to the beach which offers spectacular views of the coastline from the cliffs.

While there are many options to travel with the group tours along with Mexico whether it’s buses or any other vehicle option. But renting or driving a car by yourself gives you the ultimate freedom, whereas there are so many sights which you can’t see without a car and can see by avoiding peak hours.

Nowadays Mexico is cheaper than many other countries in terms of car rental service. You can compare car rental in Mexico: You just have to do a rate shop in one of the OTAs (Online Travel Agency). Some of the notable ones are Orbitz, Autoprio, Travelocity, etc. Compare the prices and you may easily find one under $8. Similarly, all outside drivers need primary documents, i.e., a tourist card and a vehicle permit. A vehicle permit costs around $45USD, so, choose whatever suits you.